The Love Brampton Mission

To mobilize the Church's of Brampton and positively impact the lives of people by showing the love of God through acts of kindness.



  • Bring awareness to the Churches of the many needs that are within their own community
  • Bring all the Churches together on one day, working together as a team uniting resources, ideas and talents to impact our city in a big way
  • Inspiring  smaller churches that every bit of help counts, churches who may not have the resources to do a large events on their own 
  • Bring awareness to the churches of the opportunities they have to support and partner with agencies that are already serving families in need in the community
  • Introduce churches to the opportunities to serve the community on a continual bases
  • Providing outlets and opportunities for agencies to make their recourses available to families in need
  • Engaging people to be involved by caring for those who may be struggling and to show them that someone cares by Loving your neighbour
  • Bringing awareness to new immigrant and lower income families of the support and resources available to them within Brampton
  • Building relationships through outreach programs that let the people in our community know that the Churches care about their struggles